Monday, February 3, 2014

Bikes of Varadero

Bikes of Varadero, a set on Flickr.
It has been a very cold, hard winter this year. Lots of snow, but worse deep bone chilling cold. Followed by short sharp warm spells that rather then bring relief, brought freezing rain. Streets and sidewalks flooded by pools of dirty salty slush. The family declared a week in the sun was required. While I'm normally an "embrace the season" type, I knew that this was not the year to force the issue.
A week on the beach was a perfect break for the family but a little boring for me. An excursion into town was just what was called for. I had a good day wandering the streets of Varadero, and couldn't help but notice all the people on bikes. Not a "Cyclist" in the bunch, just citizens getting around using the most convenient way available.

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